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He jumped out of the water and landed on his feet and sat beside Misty.
So tomorrow the tournament will start huh.... said Misty
yea, but don’t think this will be the end of our adventures.... there are still more places we have to visit.... we still have more pokemon to see.... said Ash
Yea I know.... I just hope we could adventure like this till we hit 90 said misty with a smile.
Yea.... that would be a lot of fun... said Ash.
MAN I need a hair cut! Said Ash once again moving the hair out of his eyes.
Hehe I kinda find it cute Misty said with a smile she blushed a bit.
Ash kinda blushed too but was still cool.
Hey ash! I have something for you! Called Brock.
Ok be there! Ill be back hold on, he ran up to brock and brock had some armor type stuff.
Ash I wont you to where this tomorrow, just for looks, its golden boots with a sapphire in the middle of them, a gold belt with a sapphire in the middle, a gold necklace with another sapphire in the middle, gold earings and a gold head band with a sapphire in the middle.
WOW BROCK! These are awesome! Said Ash with happiness
yea, just a gift, its almost time to eat call Misty and come and eat ok? Said Brock
ok! Said Ash. They ate that night and all fell asleep.
Chapter 12
anger at the pokemon leage
Ash was in a small room with lockers, it was pretty dark but he could see, he was wearing his armor that Brock gave him and white gee pants, he put the head band around his head and had it were it was around his fore head and around the part of were his hair turns to a pony tail.
Ash.... said a girl voice that sounded familiar he turned and saw misty.
Hey Mist what up? So Ash swiping the sweat off his fore head, she blushed cause he was not wearing a shirt because it was a hot day.
I just wonted to give you this.... it was a sweater that was purple
it’s a sweater that I was wearing when I won my first battle... it is also something that I where when I feel good... I wont you to take it.... she said she handed him the sweater, he looked at her smiled and took it slowly and tied it around his waist.
Thanks... he said. She hugged him and he blushed she held the hug for about 10 seconds and for those 10 seconds he had his hands around her he felt like time stopped everybody froze and just him and her could move. She released him and she was blushing like crazy, Ash was blushing too but not as much.
Ok times up its almost time said a guard.
Ok bye Ash... she turned around but Ash clenched her hand, she stopped Ash spun her around and kissed her on the lips, she turned red but closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss, she did not wont to break the kiss but she had to breath, she released and she smiled at Ash, Ash smiled back
good luck Ash... she said
thanks... said Ash. She left the locker room and Ash sat down and thought about his plan
Hey Misty! Over here, Ash got us front row seats! Yelled Brock she ran over and sat down beside Brock
ok guys I have to tell you something, you know that head band with that sapphire in the middle.
Yea both Dawn and Misty said.
Well I made it so whenever Ash starts getting mad and his adrenalin starts, his sapphire starts to turn red, the brighter and darker it gets the more he gets mad, that means if it starts do everything to settle him down.
Ok they both said.
AND NOW OUR POKEMON TRAINERS!!!! said a voice from the microphone
INTRODUCING OUR FIRST PERSON!!! he is 5'11.... he weighed in at 150 pounds , he is 18.... MAX!!!! a boy came out that only a few people cheered for but everybody clapped, NEXT UP! He is 6'7.... he weighed in at 190.... he is 20... JAMES!!! a boy with green hair came out and a lot of the girls yelled we love you james! He continued calling out people 1 by 1. There were 9 people... then the crowed was quiet then they all started to stomp there feet and clap there hands, people started to woo hoo and whistle
AND NOW!!!! a boy who is 16.... last time you saw him he was 15.... he WAS 120 pounds but now... HE weighed in at 310 pounds! He is 6'8! People were still stomping there feet but there mouths were open. He is 16... you know him and every body gave him a name!
ASH THE KING OF THUNDER KATCHEM!!!!!!! yelled the person
ready pikachu? He asked pikachu.
PIKA! Pikachu jumped on his shoulder. He started to walk out of the locker room and every bdoy started to sing
HE WILL HE WILL SHOCK YOU! They continued then Ash walked out of the entrance when everybody saw him they all stopped, they were all looking at Ash like they were just given a million dollars, there mouths were open wide
uhh you think they like my new style pikachu? Ash asked nervously
then everybody started to cheer then girls were yelling how they love Ash and saying how hot he was.
Yea thanks (help...) Said Ash to him self
they then put max vs Ash for the first match.
Go laparus yelled Max. A laparus came out and flapped its flippers
GO PIKACHU! Yelled ash.
Let the battle begin! Laparus used ice beam but pikachu dodged it easily laparus tried again but pikachu flipped landed on his feet and he was sticking his tongue out at the laparus, laparus tried multiple of times but nothing happend, then pikachu used volt tackle and blasted right through laparus like nothing, Ash continued and was beating all his pokemon easily. Ash continued beating any body who got in his way, it was the final battle, james vs Ash! Let the— there was a explosion in the stadium, Ash’s sapphire turned a tint red but not much then the sapphire started to turned even brighter.
Uh oh said Brock. Ash saw his father again with 3 elite ninjas he took out a gun and started to shoot at everybody, everybody started to run but some were shot and were injured and some died. The three ninjas took out swords and 1 went behind Misty, the other 1 went behind Dawn and the last 1 went behind Brock, they had swords to there necks.
Hello once again Ash... Ash’s father said
WHEY DID YOU DO THIS!!! yelled Ash and the Diamond on his head started to glow even more.
What do you think I am blood thirsty, I like to kill people for fun....
HOW COULD YOU! Yelled Ash with the diamond on his head getting brighter,
oh look your friend Brock... he took out a gun and shot at Brock, it hit Brock in the shoulder blade he hit the Ground KO,
and your other friend Dawn, he shot and hit her in the back, she fell KO.
And your little girl friend Mis—
ENOUGH!!!! yelled Ash with the diamond was now blinding he ignored it and shot Misty in the stomach.
NOO! MISTY!!! yelled Ash
AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Ash yelled so loud he pretty much broke the sound bearer he continued yelling and there was a green aura around him.
He continued yelling and the ground started to have a earthquake he yelled even more then his whole muscled body turned 5 times the size he then stopped yelling then his head band turned so red it was almost black then he started to yell so loud that all the wild pokemon from the forest nearby started running north away from the arena, the Aura came out of his eyes and mouth then his body levitated up a few inches.

the head band around his head exploded and then there was a explosion, a green explosion the dust came up and everybody covered there eyes the energy coming from Ash was so much it made some hench man of Ash’s father explode, From Ash’s power the sky turned day then night every second. They opened there eyes and Ash was so big and muscled that the was a huge hole into the ground, his eyes were white and his Hair was spiked high he still had black raven hair.

Ash looked at one of the elites and he moved up his hand and pointed to the elite how held brock he brought it and started to walk forwards. He was so big that when ash passed a support beam he smashed it and walked right through it.
Fire your guns! Yelled Ash’s father to the hench men, they shot every machine gun they had, Ash’s hand moved very fast no one could see it. Then when they stopped Ash was still standing without a mark he opened his hands and all the bullets they shot fell out of his hands he ran forward and so did the hundreds of ninjas, he punched three ninjas and there where so strong and deadly he punched right through there stomachs, blood came out as there bodies laid dead, he put his foot through the ground and came up and 3 hench men just blew up from the power of his foot. Then five other people came running and Ash ran forward with his arms out, he clothesline them all and they all died then there was a elite that held Dawn in the way and he kicked him 30 feet into the air he screamed like he was about to die Ash took a hench mans gun and tried to shoot him but his fingers were too big so he snapped the gun in half and the elite came down, he smashed the elite with the half gun and he flew right through the arena, he hit the ground and the elite was dead, Ash killed all the hench men and there were 3 more people, 2 more elites and his dad, he walked forward and a elite that held brock while he was getting shot bowed to Ash
forgive me.. Forgive me! Ash looked at the elite on his knee’s
I am a nice guy and I would forgive you... said Ash calmly
then Ash punched the elite so hard his head came off.
But I am not feeling all that generous today. He walked forwards and then it turned to a run, he sped up then jumped up and kicked his father in the face, he then grabbed his father’s leg then threw him up into the sky then grabbed the last elite and picked him up and smashed the elite on the ground he then threw him at the wall and he died and there was a lot of dust, then Ash walked right through the dust walking towards his father.

He threw him aside and his father was on the ground, still alive.
Ash.... please forgive me..... Asked his father. Ash looked at him and walked over
please ill shake on it... said his father with his hand up while he was shaking.
I know what I did was wrong.... but please I am your father.... you don’t wont to kill your father do you? Said Ash’s father in pity. Ash stayed in his place then had a smirk, he let out his hand and grabbed his fathers hand and picked him up.
Thank you son.... he said.
Son? No... your not my father.... you’re a criminal! He grabbed his father and threw him up into the air he then jumped and hit him in the stomach with his knee and his father died, his body hit the ground and Ash landed on his feet, his muscled body went back to like it was yesterday and he passed out, then the ambulance came.
Chapter 13
I was in trouble your touched helped me now its my turn......
Ash woke up in the same bed, same bandage on his head and same curtain
NOT AGAIN!!! I AM BACK AT THE FREAK HOSPITAL!!!!! said Ash he hit his head on the pillow, he then just thought what just happened then he turned white and stopped breathing
Misty.... MISTY!!!!!!!!! Ash threw off his head bandage and he jumped out of the bed and started to run like a cheetah on coffee down the hall to the lady at the desk
she is in room 7 but.... be fore she was finished Ash bolted like lightning down the hall. In room 5 he saw Dawn stopped ran in
are you ok?! Asked Ash
yea I am fine just a little hurt... said dawn while she held her head
wheres brock?! Asked Ash
room 6.... she said holding her head. He ran to the next room brock laid there with a broken leg and arm
hey whats up Ash? Lucky you you had a little head injury
hey brock misty is next door right? Room seven? He said in a bit of a rush
brock smile was turned to a frown he turned his head and said nothing
hey brock what up?! Asked Ash
yes and no.... said brock quietly
what do you mean? Asked Ash
she is in room 7, of the ER.... said Brock sadly
ER.... EMERGENCY ROOM!!!!!!! yelled Ash he Ran faster then the speed of light down the hall to a sign that said ER, he followed the sign that said ‘ER’ he then followed the numbers
11...10...9...8...7! he then opened the door but the door was locked, he pulled it and it would not open. Then the love for Misty and anger took over then he put his shoulder down and charged, the door smashed right open and broke, he got up to see Misty with a air tube up her nose and she laid on the bed, the monitor had a continues beep.
I am sorry... she is gone..... said the doctor... Ash ran over and pulled the air tube right out of her nose and held her.
MISTY!!! MISTY COME ON!!!! he started to tear up
come on.... MISTY!!!!!!! he yelled, he picked her up and she laid in his arms, he started to cry and the tears started to drop on to her head. Then the same green aura came back around Ash but he dident scream, he just stayed there crying the tears then turned red, it came down and a drop hit Misty.
Misty.... I loved you..... he then hugged Misty he continued to cry and the tears started to flow even more.
Misty..... Misty? He said as he stopped crying as he was aware something felt warm around his chest. He looked at Misty and some colour came back to her face but she still had her aqua blue eyes shut, he then put Misty gently on the bed and put a sticky wire to her chest. The monitor still had a continues beep.
Misty.... said Ash with one last tear of hope she was still alive hit her chest. He stood up and was about to walk out of the room until the silence of the continues beep stopped and instead of ( beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeep) it was ( beep....beep... beep)
Heart rate stabilizing, blood pressure going back to normal... she’s back!
Ash shot right back into the room faster then light to see Misty, he then started to open her beautiful aqua blue eyes.
Ash? Your father.... tried to kill.... me? She said slowly. Where is he? She asked
he is.... gone..... he will never come back.... he said slowly he then hugged Misty and Misty blushed deep red but hugged back. She then woke up 100% but could not find any pain because Ash was with her.
Ok Ash we have to bring Misty to a room so she could be monitored, they then pulled up the sides of the bed and took her to room 5. Ash then followed her they put her in the room and left but Ash stayed with her, when he walked in Misty was already sleeping, he then held her hand and smiled. Few hours later Ash fell asleep beside Misty still holding her hand.

THE NEXT DAY............

It was 2:00 and Ash and Misty were talking until a man in a suit ran in.
Hello Ash Katchum? He asked
uhh yes thats me... Ash said weirdly
I am John Garson, the owner of the sinnoh region pokemon leage, I have to thank you that you saved us all. He said with a smile.

What does he mean that you saved them? Asked Misty
uh.... said Ash rubbing his head.
OH YEA your that girl that got shot! Are you ok? He asked
yes I am fine just tired. Misty said with a smile
oh yea.... here is the video of your battle.... and your transformation he said while taking out a disc.
Transformation? Misty asked not knowing what going on.
Here. John took a portable dvd player and popped in the disc
ok watch, he becomes a animal said john. She watched as she also saw her self get shot, she then turned to Ash who was starting to get angered, he tightened his fists but continued. Misty was so awed by the power Ash gave off and the transformation he took. She watched everything and when the video was finished Ash was turning red and was sweating and his teeth were clenched so tight that it could of smashed his bottom jaw.
Its ok Ash.... its over.... said Misty, she started to rub his back and he stopped and blushed.
And so now I present to you.... John snapped his fingers and a agent came with a big golden cup with a pokeball in the middle.
On my lead I present to you.... the golden cup... its yours Ash, you are our champion!.
Re- REALLY?! Ash said with eyes open wide. He took that cup and shook his hand.
And now since you won we must call all your friends and family and host a party! The party will be in 2 weeks! Be ready! Said John, he then walked out of the room and which made Ash think,
I wonder whats going to be at the dance.
Chapter 14
I am on the boat to home!

It was 5 days before the dance, everyone was recovered and it just turned out none had broken bones but they still needed to cast them. They walked to a harbor to get a boat back to his mom’s house for the 4 days then come back the day before the dance. They went to a ticket booth to get tickets to get on the boat.
Hello 3 tickets please! Asked Ash.
Are you Ash Ketchum?! Said someone behind him.
Uh yea.... have we met? Ash said with a face that ment ‘weird’
OH MY GOSH EVEYONE ITS ASH!!!! yelled a girl in the crowd then all of the sudden a heard of people started to ran at Ash like maniacs with paper and pens
can I have your auto graph! Can I get pikachu’s paw print?! Can I have a picture with you?! All the fans of Ash were going mental over him. He stood there sweating.
The girl in the ticket booth grabbed Ash and kissed him on the cheek and his face turned to a bright color, and it was not red, he was not blushing.
AHH SHE KISSED ASH?! Yelled Dawn she was about to plow right into the lady but saw Misty was laughing.
Whats so funny?! Yelled Dawn
look at Ash’s face, its blue, red means blush and love, blue means like poison.
Ash pulled out a sanatizer that his mom gave him which he never used and used half the bottle wiping his face were he got kissed.
Ma’am I REALLY need to get a boat to indigo like NOW! Ash said to the lady
oh your going to see your mom in pallet at 4350 hunnington street! She said
HUH?! What are you a Ash nerd?! Said Misty surprised. She opened her shirt and she was wereing a I love Ash shirt then she had a tattoo of Ash on her back.
I also have a Ash bra and Ash pan---- she was interrupted by Ash
I REALLY don’t need to see those I just need to get home! Said Ash pointing to a boat.
Ok she turned around and typed onto the computer she turned around and giggled at Ash which creeped Ash out.
Ok here are your tickets she handed them there tickets
bye-bye! Have a– she was grabbed by brock
I am sorry ma’am but your beauty has over whelmed me! Your long blonde hair! Your blue eyes! You attract me so— Misty grabbed brock by the ear hard and threw him onto the dock.
Bye Ash! The girl blew a kiss at Ash which sent chills down his back, not good ones.
Uh oh she might stalk me if she knows where I live! He said to Misty. Misty covered her mouth and laughed.
Huh whats this? Ash noticed something white like a napkin under the tickets, he pulled it out and the where blue and started to throw it around like he was juggling it then he took out a lighter and burned the napkin.
HEY YOU SHOULD OF GAVE THAT TO MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! yelled brock with tears coming out like puddles.
Pika pika.... pikachu said to him self.
They got on the ship and Ash put a hood over his head so no one could recognize him. But when he saw the buffet he yelled.
FOOOD!!!! he nearly jumped 50 feet into the air his hood came off and everyone around him saw him. They were excited to see him and he signed a few autographs but was in line and had a plate, but he noticed something behind him, he turned around and saw a little girl there, she was no older then 5 and looked like she was poor, she had a dress on and put her hair in a little pony tail. Her stomach war growling and she held her stomach and kinda blushed when she saw Ash look at her. Ash kneeled down.
Hi he said with a smile
hi..... the little girl said quietly
what your name? Asked Ash in a nice voice
bella.... my name is bella... she said quietly
how long have you been waiting to get some food? Asked Ash with a smile. She sniffled and Ash could see a tear coming but she wiped it off.
A long time.... and every time I try to get food people but in front of me and I cant get anything, she started to cry.
My family is not rich at all and we have been saving just to get on the boat for 2 years.... she started to cry even more. It was sad cause Ash could buy a ticket no problem, the tickets were normally 50 dollars each, so saving 2 years and only have 150 dollars....
And now I am trying to enjoy the trip but I am hungry and no one cares.... she said. Ash took his finger and wiped a tear away from her eye, Misty was watching the whole time and continued watching.
Ok everyone I am hungry let me go in front now! Yelled Ash. Everyone stepped aside, Ash turned around and led out his hand to the little girl.
Your in front now. He said smiling, she had a smile on her face and the tears were gone she grabbed Ash’s hand and Ash brought her to the front of the line, she grabbed some food and ran back with her parents. He smiled grabbed his bunch and ran back to the table and started eating.
That was really nice of you Ash! Said Misty.
Yea that was really nice said Dawn, Ash looked and brock was gone, he looked around and found brock, hitting on a WHOOOLE lot of girls. He just laughed and continued eating. He jammed a slice of pizza in his mouth and started chewing, he slowed down to see someone familiar, he had Crazy brown hair, purple jersy and purple track pants, and had a yin yang necklance, it was no other then....
GARY?! Said Ash, a small piece of pepperoni came out of his nose.
Hey look its loser 1 and loser 2 and 3! Gary said laughing
hey who you calling losers!? Ash said with a bit of anger.
You, the three losers I mean sorry 2 loser’s and 1 plan idiot, there’s one in every group... Gary said laughing.
That must mean you are the loser of your group, you’re a loner! Ash said.
You know what Ash you still are the idiot I have always known! Gary said while sticking out his tongue.
Wow how mature... Ash said rolling his eyes
I am sorry it’s the idiot, dumb blue head, idiot with girls and red head whore!

To be coninued...
Chapter 15
we will continue our adventure after this beating

You heard me! She is a whore a prostitute a— Gary was interrupted by Misty’s foot into his mouth.
A girl that just kicked your ass! Misty said with her arms crossed. She walked to Gary and kneeled down and whispered in his ear
what am I again? She asked.
A whore... said Gary. Misty slapped him in the face HARD like it was not red it was purple.
I am sorry I did not hear you, what am I? She asked again
a prostitute... he said painfully. Misty pulled her fist back but Ash grabbed her. He put his leg over his stomach and he was standing right over him. Ash grabbed his shirt and started punching him in the face and hard, every shot did something bad, one shot gave him a black eye, the next chipped his tooth, the next gave another back eye and he continued, until Gary had a Broken jaw, broken cheek bone, blood coming out of his mouth, chipped teeth and more.
Now what was it you called Misty? Asked Ash.
A.... a nice.... girl..... said Gary slowly.
Damn straight! Said Ash and he gave one last punch to go. Dawn had a face frozen like OH SHIT! Brock had his mouth open. And Misty kinda smirked. The medics came and took Gary away.
You think I did that too hard? Asked Ash to Misty.
I think you could of done more she winked at him which kinda made him blush and laugh. They continued eating and Ash once again almost ate the whole buffet.... they decided to look around the mini stores, and Dawn and Misty went on there girl shopping and Brock and Ash doing there guy shopping. Ash just bought a mini pichu for Pikachu but nothing else until...
Is that a pokemon store for all the pokemon stuff you can get? Asked Brock asked Brock.
I guess so, lets go check it out asked Ash, they went into the store and looked around.
Ill go off on my own ok Brock? Said Ash.
Ok thats fine. Said Brock. Ash started adventuring around the store, he grabbed a life size pikachu doll, he grabbed a pikachu sized Onix doll, grabbed a piplup sized doll, he continued to look around and picked up a tentacruel.
There we go Misty should love this! Huh? Something caught his eye, he looked and saw a doll, a togepi, it was waving and was life sized, Ash walked over and picked it up. He then had a flash back.
Goodbye togetic..... Misty was crying as then togetic was waving as it passed through the gate of the togepi, togitic flew into Misty and gave her a hug, they held each other’s hands, then togetic let go and flew to the gate, togetic turned around with a teary face and waved and then went into the gate. Misty was crying.

Ash stood in the store and put the togepi into the basket. He walked to the front.
Oh my its Ash katchum! Said a girl, she had long blonde hair a red mini skirt and a green tank top. She was prettier then the Ash nerd, WAY prettier.
Hi I got these for my friends, he took out his wallet and opened it, there was a picture of him and Misty when they were 10 years old arm around each other’s shoulder sticking our tongues. He smiled. He took out a 20 dollar bill and a 10 dollar bill. And handed it to the lady.
Oh no its free! For you Ash... she said to Ash with a smile.
Thanks! He took the bag and walked out.
Bye Ash! She said waving slowly.
Bye, Ash said back. He stopped and thought for a second.
Did I forget something? He said to him self. He stood and thought and then remembered.
Uh oh..... Ash said to him self, he ran back and once again. Brock on his knee with the girl’s hand.
Oh your beauty has overwhelmed me! Your hair, your body! Let us go into the sun skipping and... Ash grabbed him by the hair.
You can go skipping with a punch in the face if you don’t shut up!

They continued and Ash grabbed the onix plush toy and gave it to Brock.
Hey thanks Ash! Brock put the Onix in his Backpack. They continued walking and found Dawn with 10 bags in her hands.....
Uh... Dawn where’s Misty? Asked Ash.
Oh... she... had a stomach ache.... she is in our room... she’s ok. She smiled to her self.
Hehehe I made her sick and I can be with Ash....she said in her mind.

( what happened)

Hey Misty want to go to a restaurant? Asked Dawn
sure! After this store ok? Misty said.
Just curious, what are you allergic to? So that I don’t go to the wrong restaurant.... Dawn said curiously.
I am allergic to lemon’s, it gives me a REALLY bad stomach ache, it’s to acidly. She said. They finished up and went to a restaurant.
Hold on I have to go to the mini store to grab a magazine. Dawn said to Misty.
That’s fine ill wait here. Misty said. Dawn ran to the mini store and grabbed a magazine, then went to the back and grabbed a small bottle of 100% pure lemon juice. She paid for it and out it into her pocket. She ran back to the restaurant and sat down across from Misty. They talked about girl stuff and the waiter came over.
Can I take your order? said the waiter, she was a brown headed girl no older then 18.
We will have a tray of pizza with cheese, pepperoni and green peppers.
And too drink? Asked the waiter.
Ill have a coke and Dawn? Asked Misty.
7 up please. Asked Dawn.
Ok ill be back with your stuff! Said the waiter politely. They continued talking about MORE girl stuff for about half-an-hour. The waiter gave them there drinks and there pizza. They ate almost there whole pizza with in about half-an-hour, Misty was about to take a drink of her coke for the 3rd time but Dawn made her stop for a second.
Wow look at that guy! Said Dawn pointing to a guy. Misty turned around and Dawn pulled out the lemon juice and poured it all in.
Nah, he’s not good looking. Said Misty rolling her eye’s she was about to take a drink but....
Hey Misty I bet I could jug this before you! Dawn said to her.
Ok ready on 3... 1...2...3! they started to jug and Dawn laughed to herself. Of course Misty won.
Ha ha! I won! Misty said.
Oh you beat me! Look’s like I have to pay the bill! Dawn said.
Yay!!— all of a sudden he grabbed her stomach
OWW!!!! MY STOMACH!!! yelled Misty, and she ran to her room.
He he check please! Said Dawn evilly.

Yea she got a stomach ache.... she said.
Oh... ok here I got this for you Dawn he pulled out the piplup plush and she grabbed it and hugged Ash. Ash did not blush but it felt weird, it did not feel right...
Thanks Ash I love it! She said.
Thanks, I have to go see Misty to see if she is ok. He ran to the rooms and checked, she was not there, he looked around everywhere. He then went to the top deck and found her on a chair. With her eye’s closed, Ash walked up and kneeled down beside her, he shook her very slowly.
Misty... Misty wake up... Ash shook her a little harder, then her aqua blue eye’s opened.
Oh... *yawn* hey Ash... she said sleeply.
Sorry I just wanted to check on you if you were ok.... he said rubbing his head.
You would do that for me? Thank you Ash! She hugged him and he turned red.
I got I present for ya... he reached into his back pack and took out the togepi doll. He handed her the doll and she started to tear up.
You don’t think I would remember the little baby that called me daddy and you mommy? He said with a smile.
No! She jumped and hugged him again. Since she jumped Ash caught her and they fell back, she was on top of him and they both looked in the position they were in. Ash was on his back and Misty was on all four with her hand’s by his ears and her legs and top of his.

Uh...... they both said while they were blushing. They got off each other, went into there room’s and fell asleep in there bunk bed, well except for Ash...
Chapter 16
Ash's beast inside
I'am home! Ash said opening the door. he looked around and his Mom was not home, he then say Mr.Mime
hey Mr..Mime! Ash said. But Mr.Mime was not his same self.
are you ok? are asked.
Maybe he has a stomache ache? Misty said. Brock looked at the Pokemon.
He looks sad.... Brock said
hey whats up Mime? Asked Ash. he looked at him and walked over and grabbed a picture of Professer Oak. he pointed to him then he coughed and sneezed.
Professer Oak is sick?! Ash said kinda yelling. Mr.Mime nodded and then ran to the shelf pulled out a marker and a pieace of paper and put a 10/10.
lets go NOW!!! yelled Ash to his friends. they Ran fast to Professer Oaks lab.
when they entered his lab they ran up stairs and found Professer Oak on a bed with a Doctor and Ash's Mom there. She stood up turned around and saw Ash
Misty, Brock and Dawn.
ASH! yelled his Mom and she ran toward him. he hugged her and she looked at him, he was taller then her now and his power surprised his Mom.
My you are strong! she said. then she smiled.
Your father would be so proud! she said
no he wouldent... Ash said with his head down. He is a bastard.... he tried to kill my friends, my pokemon and me! his Mom stared at him with a stunned face.
AHH!!! yelled professer Oak, they turned around and saw that there was a poison dart in his neck, he took a few deep breathes and then his life passed.
professer Oak? Professer Oak?! NO!!! yelled Ash. Misty started to cry and Brock had a few tear drops same with Dawn. they heard laughing and turned to see
Ash's Father.
HAHAHAHA!!! looks like your nutty professer just lost his nut! you thought I was dead huh? with the lastest technoligy i am part machine and they were able to bring me back from hell it self! Ash started to get his rush. EVERY BODY GET OUT!!!! yelled Ash.
whey? asked Misty. Ash then started to get a fait green aura and it started to get brighter.
oh uh.... GET OUT EVERY BODY AND GET THE POKEMON!!!! yelled Misty.
whey? asked his Mom, and whey is Ash got that green thing around him, is he sick? asked his Mom
NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!!!! LETS GET OUT!!! they all got out with the pokemon to Ash's House.
Ash started to sweat with anger while the green aura started to get brighter.
you think you getting angry is going to beat me?! no... since i am part robot I can match blow for blow with you... said his Father. he then started to laugh.
you killed professer Oak.... he was like a father to me.... he was a father to me.... and you killed him!! YOU KILLED HIM!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ash's anger flowed in his viens. Ash yelled and yelled and his father started to get a black aura around him. his father started to yell too and the too were yelling like crazy. Ash stopped yelling for a second then he started to yell again and the aura started to go through his mouth and eyes and he levitated up a few inches then a giant green explosion came out of Ash and blew up Professer Oaks lab. Ash's father's black aura made a explosion too and there stood the white eyed Ash with spiked hair and his body gained a huge muscle mass that no Human could ever reach to, even if you took steroids everyday and never died to it it would not be as big as what Ash turned into. His father turned full robot and was ready too fight.
lets go Ash! they collided and started to fight.
they were so quick and there punches collided blow for blow, then Ash did a blitz and his father blocked every punch and kick that Ash did, then his father did a blitz and Ash blocked all the attacks he did, kicks punchs kick punches he blocked them all, except for the last punch, Ash dodged around his father and nailed him in his machine back and he shot fast down into the ground, but as fast he was knocked into the earth his father shot out with a flying kick and hit Ash in the face, She shot flying backwards into a stone wall, he shot out of the wall and ran towards his father, he smashed his fore arm on his father's face but the metal did no damage to his father, they both started a blitz and collided each punch and each kick. this was a deadly war.
GIVE UP!!! yelled his father As they fought.
Ash nailed him in the stomache and he nailed Ash in the face at the same time. they stepped back and his father started to talk.
that ship he went on to get here, i destroyed it! with all the people on it, except you and your friends, i just got unlucky! oh and that little girl you help, i made her and her family suffer! they are dead but they went through hell before they did! his father laughed and Ash had enough.
AHHHHH!!!!! yelled Ash, all the veins in his body glew green, he was glowing like a star. he then start to yell but his yell changed to a roar, a roar that would scare a whole city but it was also a familer roar, Ash's shirt ripped apart and his chest, back, sides and his arms except his hands and fingers turned into a black armor, his skin was the armor. Ash's muscled body grew even more, his fangs grew and enhanced, his hair grew even more. then a Armored black monkey tail came out of his pants. he became a new warrior
Chapter 17
the beast
HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! roared Ash.
what the?! was that Ash?! said Brock.
yea his yell turned into a roar thats really odd.... Dawn said.
thats not just any roar, thats a Nidoking roar! said Misty

you have no idea what you just got into do you... said Ash
yea you got some black skin armor and a monkey tail what else is there? said his father laughing
hmph... said Ash, he brought up his own hands and threw them down to his waist, the ground started to crumble and rocks started to rise from the ground, Ash smiled and rose up his hands to the sky, he then started to pound his chest.
what is Ash doing trying to be a gorilla?! said Misty
no... Nidokings do that for domince.... and for Ash i don't think thats what he is trying to show... said Brock
so what is he doing? asked Dawn
i dont know.... but o have a feeling we are about to find out.

Ash stopped pounding his chest, he then pulled his fists back and punched into the ground, the ground broke apart and quakes started to happen, the quakes went to his father and hit him hard, but his father just stood up and bolted to Ash, his father pulled back his fist and tried to punch Ash, but Ash clenched his Fathers fist and made him stop, Ash then smiled, he started to pull back his fingers,
ahh... ow! Ash! stop my fingers!!! AHHH!!! yelled his father, Ash gave no mercy and broke all of his fathers fingers, he then grabbed his wrist and started to spin him in circles he then threw him into the lake. Ash then ran and dived into the water, he looked around and could not see anything, he looked left, he looked right, all he saw was blue, then his father came up from under him and upper cut him out of the water. Ash shot up and landed on the land, he then jumped right back up and his father jumped out of the water. they stood there and his father spoke.
5 minutes.... was alll he said. he then rose his hand the was not broken and had his hads out to the number 5.
5 minutes before the black planes destroy this little dumb town of yours. You better find a way to beat me and the ships or bye bye pallet! said his father.
5 minutes is all i need.... Ash said. They then ran towards each other and started to fight again, they started to fight again. Ash kicked his father in the face but he grabbed his leg, His father started to turn his ancle the other way but Ash rolled and flipped him off. Ash then ran forwards but his father flipped him over his back and he hit the hard ground, his father started to pound him in the face and chest but Ash grabbed his head and brought it into the ground. Ash jumped backwards and his father stood right back up. they bolted to each other once again and matched knee for knee, punch for punch and kick for kick, they both pulled back there fists and nailed each other in the face. They shook there head from it and continued there bloody war.
this is not fighting..... this is war.... said Ash's Mother
Ash is trying to protect us but he is getting badly hurt... said Brock as they all watched from afar.
Ash's father caught Ash off guard and knee'd him in the stomache. then elbowed him into a stone wall. the crash made a cave and Ash's body laid there motinless.
ASH!!!! yelled Misty
HAHAHAHA i have defeated you my son and now you will be finished along with your town and friends! said his father laughing evily. in the distance you could see some helicopters flying in.
Ash!!! don't give up!!! listion to me!!!the whole city is counting on you! we are counting on you! I AM COUNTING ON YOU!!!! yelled Misty. Ash's blood filled hand laid motinless, yelling from afair seemed it did not work, Misty took a few steps forwards to help Ash in the new cave but Brock stopped her.
hold on if you go out there you will be killed! yelled Brock
but Brock Ash... Said Misty, she started to cry.
Ash laid there then a sound entered his mind, a cry, it was Misty crying.
Ash... please.... don't die... we need you!! i need you! said Misty whaling in his mind.
Misty.... Ash said while opening up his eye's. then he rememberd what happend with his father and him.
his bloody hand started to move and then it clentched
Ash's Father was tauting and laughing and Misty continued to cry. But a green light came from the cave. It got brighter. Then they heard roaring and the cave blew up into dust and there stood pissed off Ash totally back to full health and more pissed off then ever.
Ash is alive! yellled Misty, she was jumping in joy and Ash smiled.He looked up and saw the helicopters were getting close
this is going to be lots of fun... said Ash. he ran forward jumped up and landed on a helicopter and stop the propeller right away and ripped the motor right out of the helicopter, he jumped to the next one as that one just crashed into a tree and blew up. Ash landed on the windsheild and the piolit tryed running to the back of the helicopter.
Where you going?! said Ash, he smashed the windsheild and grabbed the piolit and threw him into the propeller which tore him into dust, he then jumped to the next helicopter, this was the helicopter with the bomb inside. Ash jumped in grabbed the bomb and kicked the whole back end off the plane. And jumped and landed on his feet he looked at the time and there was 1:30 minutes left. he ran forward and from the helicopter parts he stopped, he grabbed a chain and a heavy piece of metal and ran forward to his father. He tackled his father into the sea, he tied the metal chain around him and put the heavy piece of metal and the tip and his father was stuck. he also tied the bomb to the chain and waved to his father, he looked at the bomb and he had 10 seconds left, he started to swim as fast as he could to the surface but the bomb went off.
there was a giant splash of water that went up 50 feet and it went back down.
where's Ash? asked his Mom.
hey whats that thing? said Dawn. they saw something shooting toward them and it was Ash, he was back to his human self but he was flailing while he was being shot like a bullet, everybody stepped aside and Ash skidded right passed them on his ass across the field. He stood up and he started to jump around in pain
Chapter 18
Ash's Nightmare
its has been 2 days since the fight between Ash and his father, they found out that professer Oak was going to live, the doctor gave a antibioatic right before he got shot in the neck and the antibioatic slowed down the poison by a hell of alot and only knocked him out.
Ok Mom i have to go... I got to go the the celebration and... but Ash slowed right down to see what his Mom was doing, she had shorts on and tied her Hair in a pony tail, she was packing a bag of her own.
you think your going to that party without me?! Ash I want to celeibrate this with you and I havent Partied in so long i forgot what its like! said his Mom, Ash had a weird picture of his Mom dancing in his mind and he closed his eyes and shook.
uh ok Mom but are you sure you can do all this walking around, I mean like it can get tiring and....
Ash dont try to stop me from going cause i am going! said his Mom, Ash sighed and he went into the living room while Mr. Mime was sweeping everything.
ok guys I was told something from my mom...
what is it? asked Brock
my Mom is coming Ash said quitly
well thats kinda cool! said Brock
Misty was thinking to her self and Ash was thinking the same thing
how can i get with Ash/Misty?! with Ash's/my mom is coming with us?! they both sighed.
ok i am ready to go! said his Mom. They went out the door and and started there adventure back, they got on the ship and went back to sinoho, his Mom went crazy shopping all the time which made Ash cry cause well she spent ALL of his money on clothes. They arrived at sinoho and got off the ship, poor Ash saw the crazy girl again and he coverd his face with his jacket so she would not see him. Ash and Misty stared at Each other then look away and blush. It was Ash's Mom first time sleeping outside in a long time. that night though because his Mom came along ash had to share a tent with Dawn and Brock. Ash's Mom was with Misty. Ash's mother knew there was something going on. so she asked the question.
Misty? asked Ash's Mom
Yes Mrs.Ketchem? said Misty
do you like Ash? Asked Mrs.Ketchum, Misty was quiet she said nothing and she was blushing.
I thought so said Mrs.Ketchum, she put her hand on her back and smiled
its ok i understand! I also think he likes you! said Mrs.Ketchum
i dont know... i Just dont wont him to laugh at me... she said sadly
hey you know what ill ask him tomorrow and see ok? said Mrs. Ketchum
ok... its late we better go to bed... good night! said Misty. they turned off the light and fell asleep. Mean while in the other tent.
Ash! said Dawn
do you wont to go to the dance at your party said Dawn. Ash took the pillow and jammed it into his ears.
so this is what a nagging wife is like.... said ash to him self.
Finally Dawn fell asleep, Ash was sleeping like a little baby, but something started to happen to Ash, a vibrating feeling went through his whole body, his heart stopped for a second and started to again, he started to shake a little and started to sweat, his heart beat started to beat harder, he then turned over and clenched the blanket that was over him, his heart rate started to speed up even more.
Ash what are you doing? asked Dawn as she woke up, She opened her eyes even bigger and moved to Ash quickly.
Ash are you ok?! yelled Dawn to Ash. Ash opened his mouth and mouned out in pain. Dawn ran outside calling for help.

Ash..... HAHAHAHA!!! said a voice, Ash looked around and he was standing on a black shadow that was like a sheet, the sky or what ever it was was black and purple.
who's there?! yelled Ash, He felt a someone somewhere around him.
HAHAHA!!! you should of died when you were young, you pathetic usless kid! said a voice, this voice was horse it sounded also like a serpant, the voice was so frighting that it would courupt anyone's mind if you talked with them for five minutes. It sound famlier.
Dad what are you doing here! yelled Ash.
you killed your own father you basterd of a son.... said the voice. then in the purple sky a explosion of a shadow and in came down like a shooting star and landed in front of Ash. As soon as the shadow hit the ground Ash's father's body rised up in a shadow form. Ash's fathers eyes glew red like an aniaml stalks its prey, Ash's father looked like a demon from hell.
you BASTERD!!! yelled his father and his father opened his mouth and sent something like a shadow bite to Ash.
Ash are you ok?Ash wake up! said a soft voice, Ash opened his eye's hypervenalating, his mom was looking over him teary eyed and Misty with a glitter in her eye.
Ash's Eyes turned yellow, his shirt ripped apart and hair started to grow on Ash.
Chapter 19
Take controll of yourself
Ash Mouned out in pain and with his mouth open his teeth started to grow, the black hair fully grew on his side of his ribs and his back and arms, Ash's hair started to grow and then a tail came out, Ash was still dreaming but they did not know what was angering him.
GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!! yelled Ash as he was in the dimension of his dream.
thats right Ash get angry! the more anger enters your blood the better! said Ash's father.
Ash started to get more angrey cause his father still would not get out of his head.
Ash stood up and his teeth grinding and looked at his friends, Ash roared a Mighty roar that would make anyone deaf that heard the roar too long, Ash's Midnight hair was sleek and sharp, Ash's eye flamed with anger, they were not the same, they were not the amber brown cheerful eyes, they were yellow raging eyes that looked as if they were yes from hell it self. Ash musculer tissue went 5X bigger and his energy increase ten fold, and the thing is, Ash couldent controll himself. Ash turned to the back of the tent, he was still in the tent and still his blood was filled with rage, he flicked the tent and the tent dissolved. Ash roared and started his rage stampede. he ran forward and punched a tree and the whole tree came down, he punched the water and all the lake water jumped up five feet and came down. The sky turned from the clear night to thunder clouds in the sky, has the ran hit Ash he pounded his chest and roared.
Ash PLEASE STOP!!! yelled his Mom. Ash ignored her and punched the ground as a quake happend and broke down almost half the forest.
ASH CONTROLL YOURSELF!!! yelled Brock. Ash still ignored and sucked in a deep breath and let out a gut shredding roar that blew all the leafs away.
ASH!!! yelled Misty, all of a sudden Ash stopped.
Ash stopped being angrey and being possesd by His fathers voice and still even in his dimension, heard her voice.
Misty? said Ash, he stood still on the shadow sheet and looked around.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! BE POISSED BY MY VOICE!!! yelled Ash's fathers voice.
Ash... please stop, your hurting all the nature your hurting the birds, your hurt everyone! including me! said Misty
Ash was stunned and then he thought, all the good times he has ever had with his Mom, Misty, Brock and the few good times with Dawn.
Ash stood there and then grabbed his head, he let out another gut renching roar but it sounded different, he roared again but sounded even more diferent. Then His teetch started to shrink, his Hair started to go back to normal, all the hair on his ribs and everywhere else started to go away, and last but not least Ash's tail grew back into his tail bone. He then hit the ground, They all ran to him, they were checking if he was ok and he was, he just needed a new shirt and pants that all, of course cause it was his Mom she did that work and they put him back into a new tent, they checked the time and it was 3 o'clock am. They went to bed and knew that Ash was ok.

The next morning Ash woke up and then he remembered all what happend with him seeing his dad like that and what he said. Ash ran out and saw only broke cooking breakfest, Misty and Dawn was still sleeping while Ash's Mom went to get fire wood.
Hey Brock....
Hey Ash! how you feeling? said Brock.
good but can you explain what i did last night? was i like rammpaging? said Ash
Brock went quiet, he then explained everything that happended to Ash.
really... wow... that's different... weird... said Ash. but Ash now knew if he fell in that dream dimension, just think about all the good times you have had and you will be fine. But now he has to go to a party!
Controling His powers
that Mourning Ash ate breakfeast and said that he was going to the forest, everybody wondered whey but Ash said to train. Ash went inside and looked around, the tree where half ripped out of the ground and he found some broken tailow eggs that were going to hatch soon, Ash felt so bad so he went deeper and a clear little area that would be good for a little campsite. Ash stood in the middle and started to train, he did millitary push ups and was sweating for a long time, pikachu was looking at him wondering what he was doing but just sat and watched.
9990, 9991 9992, 9993,9994, 9995,9996,9997, 9998, 9999...... 10,000! Ash hit the dirt and was breathing hard. He stood up and saw a tree branch the seemed strong, he walked over grabbed it and pulled to see if it was strong, it was very strong and could hold a ponyta. He grabbed it and started pull ups, he was training like crazy and was getting stronger and stronger, sweat dripped down his head and hitting the ground, there was a puddle of sweat udder Ash and the tree branch but continued, at 5000 he stopped took off his shirt and continued, the sweat dripped throught his body and his hair dripped down.
9998,9999.....10,000! he let go and landed on his feet, he opened and closed his fist and looking at at his hand, he clentched it. Ash got on his hands and knee's with his power he did a pencil hand stand, but he stood there and he started handed stand push ups. He trained and trained beyond the normal Ash would train, Ash then stopped at 5000 and stood up, he stood there then he bended his knee's and threw his hand to the side of his hips and stood there, he then started to think about the death of all the people his father killed, and his father laughing, then a green aura grew around him, then a earthquake started to happen around him, pikachu panicked and ran up a tree and stood on a tree branchand watched Ash. Ash then yelled and then his muscle tissue grew twice the size and his hair stood up, Rage flowed through Ash but he was able to control it, Ash did not have white eyes because he was not that angry. Ash smiled and like in a instant his hair went back down and his muscle tissue shrank back to normal. He did what he was trying to do this whole time, control his power. Ash then got his goofy smile on and start to jump around dancing, Pikachu jumped out of the tree to him to hug him but pikachu stopped and plugged his nose.
whats wrong pikachu? he then looked down and saw all the sweat on this stomache and bare chest, smelled his arm pits and his eyes turned to X's.
wow! getto! I could kill anyone with that smell! maybe even my dad! Pikachu start to laugh. Ash walked out of the training area and found a small lake, he told pikachu to turn around, Ash took his clothes off and jumped in.
Hey pikachu can you get me a bar of soap in my back pack? asked Ash, pikachu ran to his back pack ans started to look through his stuff.
No pikachu those are Q-tips...
yes you can have ketchup but i need soap...
yup thats it can you pass it over?
pika! pikachu kicked over to Ash and he caught it. he sniffed it and smiled
ahh mint. Ash started to lather and then went uder water to get all the soap off, Ash pick up a towel and dried himself. he forgot his shirt in the forest.
damn I forgot it... uh oh... Mom... uh oh Dawn. UH OH MISTY!!!! Ash was worried of Misty looking at him and his bare chest. he just took a deep breath and walked forward to the campsite.

Misty was in her tent with her socks, shorts and top on trying to do a cross word in her magazine, Ash 's Mom came in the tent.
oh hey Mrs.Ketchem! said Misty sweetly.
Hi honey. I wanted to talk to you about what you said about Ash.
Ok said Misty.
Well... all of a sudden the ground start to shake, Misty fell onto her back and Ash's Mom almost fell on her. all of a sudden it stopped. They ran outside the tent.
what just happend?! said Misty.
I dont know but I think that was a quake of some kind. said Brock. They stayed frozen for five minutes, then they heard foot steps, then a familer body shape appeard in the darkness, then it or HE came into the light and they saw it was Ash. with no shirt, Misty and Dawn blushed because his muscle tissue was huge.
ASH!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITHOUT A SHIRT!!! ITS COLD!!! yelled his Mom, it was the summer and it was like almost tropical.
I forgot it in the forest.... hey want to see my new trick! said Ash to everyone.
what trick?! have you gone crazy Ash?! Said Misty
watch... said Ash, Ash bent his legs in like a squat postion, they all watched... nothing was happening.
Ash this is ridic--- she stopped right there, the ground started to shake, Ash's hair started to rise up. his arms and legs pumped then stopped pumping when it got 10X bigger then Ash's normal size, the ground started to shake more and then it started to settle down. Ash's hair was standing and his body was huge. Misty was amazed but also blushed cause he had no shirt, Ash's bottom of his pants ripped up so they became shorts, Dawn was blushing and brock was in awe. His Mom was looking like she was about to have a heart attack. Ash jumped and kicked a tree and knocked it down, he jumped and flipped and landed on his feet.
I think this shows enough said Ash with a grin, he then shrunk back to normal and he smiled.
wow... said Brock.
you can do that rage thing you do without even being a sliver mad?! said Dawn
yea! learned to controll it! LETS GO TO THE PARTY!!!! said Ash with excitement. They all were looking at him, Brock just was moving his head like he was saying no, Misty and Dawn were blushing and his Mom was staring at him with her hands on her hips and looking at him with a look that is really scary. He then looked down and rememeberd he had no shirt and was still kinda wet from his lake bath.
but can i have a shirt first?
Chapter 21
thank you for saving us... LETS PARTY!!!
Ash his mom and his friends walked up a will and saw a giant building with a pieace of paper across it that said
Ash ran right to the door, Ash was so excited, he opened the door and saw thousands of people geating ready for his party.
HELLO MASTER ASH!!!! came a waiter pretty much yelling
uh hi? said Ash, the waiter lowerd his head.
my name is zack and I am going to show you around for the show tonight, this way please! said Zack, he was in a tuxedo with a blue bowtie on his neck.
Here is the buffet... uhh master Ash... do you need a napkin for the drool? Ash was pretty much slubering all over the metal covers that showed the dishes.
Come on Ash he is showing us more! said Brock, everybody followed the waiter but Ash walked over to a metal cover, he saw a gourmet pizza that looked like it took hours to prepare, he looked left... he looked right, looked left again, then opened it quickly and grabbed a slice and started to eat it and follow the group. Misty turned around and saw Ash eating a pizza slice.
you dident... she said. Ash looked at her with eyes wide open with his finger in his mouth licking the sauce off his fingers.
fffI hhhwas gruhunry mubled Ash.
What?! asked Misty
Ash swolowed the pizza slice.
I said I was hungry. said Ash
Ash, feeding you is like feeding a black hole! its never ever fed! come lets go... Ash followed Misty and the group into another room. They entered a gym full of training equipment and a poke-ball on the ceiling.
this is a training gym for your pokemon as the party continues, one of our men will watch them to keep them out of mischief, and your pokemon from Professor Oaks Lab will be there too. Ash kinda made a face like, Uh oh....
is something wrong Master Ash? said the waiter. Ash put his 2 index fingers together.
uhh nothing its just my one pokemon can cause destruction.... he is just a little guy but he is hyper and crazy.... he bite's... HARD said Ash
who? said Misty. Ash Whispered in her ear, she made the same face as Ash did.
what pokemon is this? said the waiter.
Toadadile.... said Ash
Brock cringed, his eye twiched.
can you show me any proof? Ash took off his one glove and there was a scar, he put on the glove and showed his knuckle on the other hand.
and one on my ass! said Ash.
That must of hurt that day... I also have a few too said Misty, she pulled up her sleeve and it showed a scar on her shoulder.
And... But Ash blushed at this one, she pulled up her shorts up to her thigh and there was a scar. she pulled back down her shorts.
I dont have any because i supplied his food and I made it extra chew he he.... said Brock. Ash's Mom did not know what was going on so she just stood there.The waiter went up the stairs and opened a door to a room full of different dresses and tuxes. Dawn, Misty and Ash's Mom's eye's were glittering with excitment.
now the party is starting in one hour sharp. Dont Be LATE!!!! yelled the waiter, the girls ran to the dress section and Ash and Brock casuly walked to the tux section, Misty and Ash's Mom were tearing through the dresses wondering which one to choose, Dawn was tearing through even faster. looking for one that looks good. Ash and Brock were looking through like NORMAL people.
Brock chose one and put it on, he actrully looked nice. Misty chose a dress that fitted her curves perfectly that was aqua blue with a goldeen bow her her back. Dawn had a dress up to her knees that was red and looked ok, Ash's Mom had a purple dress that had riemstones in her dress. Brock was in a tux that looked normal and well Ash was in the change room changing into his suit.
Hey guys.... said a voice in the change room. they all looked and saw a shadow figure that was Ash, As was laughin then out of the shadow Ash was not wearing the suit you would see.... not everyday... not even diserved to be called a suit. Ash walked out and Misty started to laugh, and same with Dawn and Brock but Ash's Mom was mad. Ash had a blue Top hat on with a very small blue vest on with out a shirt that showed his bare chest with blue pants with to big yellow stars on his but cheeks. Ash was smiling and laughing
So guys what do you think! said Ash, he spun around and the started to clack his feet together.
That is you Ash! said Brock.
OH NO ITS NOT!!! yelled His Mom
YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!! I will help you find the right suit! Ash's Mom brought him back to the tuxs and Ash changed back, 15 minutes later Ash walked out with a face that looked like a animal needed to be put of his misery. It was a ordinary suit but it did not ''suit'' Ash.
what do you think guys said his Mom
good? said Brock and Misty and Dawn said nothing.
get me out of this freaking Monkey suit... whispered Ash to Misty, Misty put her hand over he mouth and laughed.
Ok lets go the party starts in 5 minutes! said Brock, they all ran down stairs to the door where they heard so much talking and music at the door that it sounded like a riot, they opened the door to the party and...
number 2!!!!

i have to put it into 3 parts cause the story is too big!!!!
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